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Encampment with the SCA - March Crown Event


Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 27-29, 2015
Setup: Friday morning...
Event Time: Noon Friday until 3:00 PM Sunday

Yolo County Fairgrounds

1125 East St
Woodland, CA

Finna kottr Godormsdottir
March Crown

From the SCA Kingdom of the West web site: "Their Majesties, Miles and Æsa, invite you to gather in the grand spirit of the West Kingdom pay witness to the March Crown Tournament, as the most magnificent fighters display their finest skills to vie for the honor of becoming the Royal Heirs. They bid you to dance the Pied d'Argent, meet the many fine artisans, examine the wares of the merchants, and make merry as Their Heirs are chosen and celebrated."

We'll set up Friday morning, time TBD.  Use the East Street Gate.  Tell them you're with the Vikings of Bjornstad.  Head to the right corner of the fairgrounds, toward the corner of Gibson Rd. and East St.

Here's the site information provided by Henrik and Ed:

"The site (Yolo County Fairgrounds) has flush toilet bathrooms and hot showers.. It is mainly a lawn area with asphalt roadways leading in from the parking lot (to animal pens beyond the event use area is) where some RV space is possibly available in the parking lot - but without hookups, I would guess . The lot is some 50 to 100 yards from the merchant area which has some  lawn closer to the lot and has more asphalt farther from the parking lot.

"The Tournament field is on the opposite side of the asphalt driveway leading in from the parking lot. It will have a clear central area for the combat activity to happen on and will generally be surrounded by people's private pavilions and tents, with a few openings for access to the field for everyone as well as emergency vehicles( in case they may be needed). A generally 20 foot or so wide roadway surrounds the tenting area and passes in front of the merchant area, providing separation between the two use areas, with allowance for use of odd parcels of space located here and there for late or non conforming attendees."

This is a good opportunity for recruiting, so let's bring as much of our arts & crafts as possible. I haven't seen any suggestion that we'll perform The Viking Art of War, so we may not have a performance. 

Here's the event's web page and two maps of the fairgrounds.

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