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Sprint the Pier

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Setup: 8:00 AM
Event Time: 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM

Berkeley Marina

César Chávez Park
11 Spinnaker Way
Berkeley, CA 94710

Contact Telephone:

We have been invited by the North Bay Whaleboat Rowing Association to join their "Sprint the Pier" event. This event is put on by the North Bay Vikings, associated with the Bay Area Whaleboat Racing Association. We'll be the only living history group. We'll probably have the opportunity to row one of their whaleboats around the pier. It's not a longship, but it'll have to do....

They will have stone and caber tossing games. We should have (at least) our Viking Tug-of-War as an example of Viking age games. They will provide lunch.

Probable Schedule:
8:00 Show up, set up
9:00 Living history display
They do their boat sprints
11:00 The Viking Art of War
12:00 Lunch
4:00 End of the event
We'll do a boat sprint if a boat and supplemental crew are available

We’ll set up at the park north of the Northern Boat launching ramp. Use César Chávez Park at the end of Spinnaker Way to unload. Take the paved walking path heading North and East around the hill until you see the picnic benches. Our spot is diagonally across the path from the picnic tables. No tickets are necessary for Bjornstad members.

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