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Postponed: Impalement Arts

To be rescheduled from Saturday, June 11, 2016

Setup: 12:00 Noon (Lunch)
Event Time: 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM

United Sportsmen Rifle and Pistol Range

4700 Evora Road
Concord, CA 94522

Contact Telephone:
(925) 676-1963

Andre Lepage will be teaching us how to throw axes and knives.  How Viking is that...?

We'll get together at the rifle range first for lunch (bring your own) at noon.  The axe and knife throwing session will begin about 1:00 PM and last a couple of hours.  You'll be sticking things in minutes.  He should have enough weaponry for the group, but bring your own if you'd like to see how well yours would work.  (Henrik brought an atlatl with javelin last time!) Naturally, Andre will have complete say on what gets thrown at the targets. 

Drive all the way in, past the main building and a couple of firing ranges.  Bring $5 to contribute to Andre and the range.  We'd like to get some photos and video of us in action, so bringing and wearing your Viking gear is requested, but not absolutely required.

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