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Meeting of the Vikings of Bjornstad

Date: Sunday, July 17, 2016
Event Time: Noon until 6:00 PM (Approximately)

Ed Berland's Home
Windsor, CA

(If you need Ed's address, contact him or me.)

We'll discuss the recent poll to see what members' preferences are for the types of events we should focus on.  Here are the results from the group: 

The Vikings of Bjornstad Event Preference Ranking

1 Viking Displays
2 Arts & Crafts – Learning
3 Arts & Crafts – Making
4 Group Discussions
5 Encampments
5 Gear Authenticity
7 Weapons Training
8 Lectures
9 Combat
10 Beyond Viking

Members also voted to increase the number of events a bit and that one or two a year could be out of the Bay Area.

Based on the survey, let's plan towards an Arts & Crafts workshop in August.  What should we plan to work on?  We can also talk about the next steps toward incorporating as a non-profit group and filing as a 501(c)(3) organization. 

Bring any recent acquisitions or questions about new projects.  Bring your own lunch and drink.

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