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Scandinavian Culture Class, Renaissance Society, CSU Sacramento


Friday, October 14, 2016
Setup: 11:15 AM
Seminar: 1:00 PM until 2:45 PM

CSU Sacramento

Room: Alpine 232
6000 J St
Sacramento, CA

We've been invited to participate in a session of a seminar on the Vikings presented by Elaine Bjørgan Duxbury for the Renaissance Society on the CSU Sacramento campus.

We'll present a PowerPoint presentation called Digging the Vikings: an Archaeological Perspective, insert a little Viking Art of War into it, and lay out our usual weaponry and artifact exhibit. The class runs from 1:00 PM until 2:45 PM. 

We'll meet at CSU Sacramento at 11:15 AM at the Faculty/Staff Lot 1 and transport our stuff to Alpine 232, where the seminar will be held.  We should have a few members of the class and a few carts to help get us there.

The following information was provided by Elaine Duxbury:

"This is how the course was described in the Fall 2016 catalog: Recent scientific findings are transforming what we know about the Vikings. They were raiders but also traders, settlers, and explorers. We’ll examine their origins and the shipbuilding and seafaring skills that made their travels possible. Women in the Viking Age will be discussed. We’ll follow current news about the Vikings’ journey to North America and their settlements here. We’ll view films and have member presentations. And we’ll discuss the myths and realities about these early Scandinavians. A visit from a costumed Viking re-enactment group may be included, with a presentation of artifacts and a demonstration of weapons they used.

"So far, we have viewed the BBC/PBS film of Sara Parcek’s (sic, it's Sarah Parcak) space archaeology, as well as the Hjemkomst DVD and the trailer for the Kirk Douglas movie. Each week we’ve briefly reviewed the progress of Draken Harold Hårfagre, as well as other current Viking news, such as the sword found by the goose hunters in Iceland. We’ve seen a few photos from Jarvik and several from the Field Museum Vikings exhibit from Sweden.

"Class members have made presentations on Women in the Viking Age and the Swedes’ eastern expansion into Russia and environs. Presentations planned for the rest of the semester are: Shipbuilding, Roskilde, Jewelry, Norse Gods, and Icelandic Sagas. Our last session will be a party; so class members are curious about Viking food.

"The Great Courses chapters we’ve viewed so far are: 1. The Vikings in Medieval History, 11. Merchants and Commerce in the Viking Age, and 12. Warfare and Society in the Viking Age. We’ll show a few more in the coming weeks, chosen to supplement your presentation.

"I kiddingly admonished the class during the first session that if they only learned one thing this semester, it was that Viking helmets didn’t have horns; so there may be some joking about that.

"Class members are curious about Viking books. I’ve brought in a few for them to look at, but book suggestions from you and your group will be appreciated. All but a few of the class members are computer literate; so recommendations on web sites are also of interest.

"We have a few people who took the seminar last time and attended your presentation. Members are likely to have many questions--they are active participants and eager to learn.

"Thank you and to all of your group for visiting us and sharing your knowledge. We all appreciate it. If you have additional questions, please let me know."

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