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Meeting of the Vikings of Bjornstad

Saturday, July 15, 2017
Event Time: Noon until 6:00 PM (Approximately)

Ed Berland's Home
Windsor, CA

(If you need Ed's address, contact him directly.)

We'll be doing a barbecue for lunch. Ed will supply hot dogs and hamburgers, plus condiments. You'll need to bring something to drink and a potluck item for a dozen people.

  • We'll plan for our upcoming events, particularly our visit to the Danish Soldiers Club in September and to St. Mary's College in February.

  • We'll put together the clothing and gear we'll offer for rental.  Bring your contributions.

  • We'll see what progress we've made toward seating at our events.

  • We'll decide what our next work session should be.

  • We can talk about a possible subject for one of our presentations: How did the Vikings’ beliefs in their gods, heroes and legends affect the way they lived their lives?

  • If there's interest, we might take a look at Viking, a Russian Viking movie subtitled in English, released in 2016.

  • Also, feel free to bring any recent "Viking" acquisitions, handmade items or books you might wish to share.

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