$The Buccaneers of   Bjornstad$
Battle Sail on the Lady Washington
12 March 2017
What's better than sailing on San Francisco Bay aboard a magnificent square-rigged sailing ship?  Engaging in a three hour running cannon battle with another one.  And wearing gear that suits the occasion.  Bjornstad members boarded the brig Lady Washington at Jack London Square in Oakland for three hours of maneuvering with the Hawaiian Chieftain, a gaff-rigged topsail ketch - and exchanging a lot of cannon fire.  Both ships are home-ported at Gray's Harbor Historical Seaport in Washington state.  Here's what our day looked like...

The Hawaiian Chieftain with the Bay Bridge behind her.  She will be our opponent for the battle to come.

The Hawaiian Chieftain and the Lady Washington.  Two proud ladies doing battle on the Bay.  On another day...

Photocredit: Eventbrite.com for SF Bay Adventures

Bidding farewell to our berth at Jack London Square

Captain James handles the Lady Washington like a fine musical instrument

Isaac, the gunner, energetically prepares us for the battle to come

Rick soaks it all in

The Port of Oakland's container cranes - from the container's viewpoint

Another fine ship - on station...

The Hawaiian Chieftain follows us onto the Bay

Our colorful crew keeps watch

Ed just might be the Dread Pirate Roberts

Fred and Dori have booked passage to the Nearly Far West

The crew goes aloft to trim the sails

She's rigged with about five miles of lines

Jack and Ed are taking this voyage seriously

A large caliber solution to a disagreement

The powder magazine is open for business

The maneuvering begins

Isaac primes the swivel gun

She'll be under our guns in short order

The Lady Washington captures the winds

Our 3 pounder is primed and ready

Fred steels himself for the exchange of broadsides...

... by singing a sea shanty: "What shall we do with a drunken sailor..."

If we take a port tack, we can bring our guns to bear on her rudder

The Lady Washington crosses the "T", exposing the Hawaiian Chieftain's stern - and her rudder

The Hawaiian Chieftain responds with a message of her own

A little flame, a little smoke and considerable noise

On this ship, you really need the right hat

Or bonnet

Sails and feathers

The cutlass: cutting edge fashion

We may have to board her...

The Hawaiian Chieftain prepares to trade broadsides

The boarding party makes ready

"Yo ho, Yo ho, a pirate's life for me..."

We could call ourselves the San Francisco Pirates
- or maybe the Oakland Raiders

Our prize crew - if the Chieftain lowers her colors

Let's call it a draw...

She's a worthy adversary

Bjornstad on the Bay

Not a bad way to spend an afternoon

Keeping the Lady shipshape

Climbing the rigging

Sails and lines

Belaying pins

What's our next heading?

If we sail South by Southwest...

The trade winds will favor our crossing...

Make for the horizon

The Bay Bridge - West of Yerba Buena Island and Treasure Island

The Bay Bridge - East of Yerba Buena Island and Treasure Island

The sun shines on our endeavours

Lower the topsail

Oakland awaits

A good day on the Bay

The Hawaiian Chieftain heads for her berth

Motoring in by diesel

Jack London Square beckons to the Lady Washington

All hands ashore

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