:: The Vikings of Bjornstad ::
Greenwood School
Mill Valley, California - September, 2012
The Greenwood School in Mill Valley, California invited The Vikings of Bjornstad to help them learn about Norse culture and mythology.  It was an enjoyable day; everyone had fun and learned something about Vikings.  The photos were taken by Julie Hanft and Jack Garrett.

Kay and the teachers get the class ready for the presentation on a beautiful day in September.

Rick, Kay, Jack, Henrik and Ed fill three tables with their Viking gear.

The 4th graders were a good audience, paying close attention to the Vikings.

Jack shows Henrik's mail-making frame.

Presentation is always important.

Ed and Rick demonstrate a few moves.

Rick answers questions about the Dane axe.

Kay waits for the shield wall to form.

Ed tells about Viking archery - and the bodkin point.

Emphasizing a point - or maybe his mail is really cold.

Henrik is ready for the holmgang.

The trader may be ready to cut prices.

Henrik describes a warrior's gear.

Lots of questions and enthusiasm.

We've got lots of gear to talk about.

Kay starts with the hand axe.

Jack describes the gear a successful Viking navigator might own.

A new shield maiden joins Bjornstad.

The shield wall may not be taking its job seriously

This shield is getting heavy.

What exactly are we supposed to be doing?

It might start raining arrows.

Everyone wants to be a Viking.

One size fits all.

Kay tests the effectiveness of the Vikings' defense.

The great Greenwood shield wall.

The Bjornstad treasure hoard.

It just needs a little organization.

The kids loved it all

It wouldn't be long before the shield battles began...

Rick showed off his high-end trader's wares.

Winingas for wrapping the lower legs, arrow points and more.

Thors hammers and penannular brooches.

Kay had wool, brushes, needles and more.

Bjornstad tries to exhibit a full array of Viking cultural artifacts.

A birchwood basket and two highly decorated pouches.

Henrik's comb demonstrates the Vikings' concern for their appearance.

Henrik's game board and game pieces.

Jack's copy of the Cottoniana map shows state-of-the-art European knowledge of the world in the 10th century.

Kay explains the rules for Hunkerhauser, the Viking Tug-of-war game.

It combines balance and strategy.

Do I pull the rope - or let it go slack?

Kay coaches the players.

The games continue.

There can be only one...

The students aren't the only ones who get involved.

Being a Viking is all about attitude.

Viking action figure.

Ready for anything.

Enjoying the day.

Lots of posing for pictures.

Smiles were pretty common.

These were the heavy shields.

The students tried on mail, helmets and the shields.

The memories will last for years.

Vikings for a day.

The well known Viking berserker.

Well, that went well...
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