Companie di Bjornstad
Midsummer Medieval Festival
Castello di Amorosa

The Castello di Amorosa as seen from across Lake Mario

Audrey coordinates the festival

Bjornstad sets up the archery targets

Brian and Jack get waterborne - It's a Viking thing

Bjornstad claims the Castello island

American Idol - or not

Brian gives the native art a thumbs up

A deceptively tranquil dragon has been sighted on the lake

The dragon hunt is on...

Bjornstad - 1, Dragon - 0

The South end of a North-bound horse heralds the start of the festivities

The Companie di Bjornstad - ready for action

Annie bridges the gap before the guests arrive

Kayleigh and Sean join the requisite bridge posing

Melinda and Ed get Medieval

Ed is ready to coach the archers

The Loose-an-Arrow archery station

Yoko, Rick and John await the Castello's revelers

Sean and Kayleigh show off the pavilion

Susan rewards the archers with a scroll

Sean and Rick ready the trebuchet

Pull lanyard, loose stone

And the stone should splash down right about ...

Henrik the Valiant demonstrates the use of sword and shield

Henrik watches as a swordsman attacks

Melinda keeps her distance from the sword play

Ed, Jack and Brian are enjoying the day

Brian provides a little nocking instruction

Arrows away!

And if you're right handed...

Guests of the Castello di Amorosa will dine in the courtyard

Don't most feasts include food of some sort?

When do we eat?

The feast is on

Annie, Melinda and Ed approve the wine

The Great Hall is a perfect setting for a feast

The Orpheus West Choir is magnificent