:: The Vikings of Bjornstad ::
National Museet / National Museum of Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark - Summer, 2001 and Spring, 2008
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Bronze-Age helmets.
A contributor to the horned-helmet Viking image???

Bronze-Age horns (called lurs).
The museum says some are in good enough shape to be played.
I want one...


Skeleton of an Aurochs.
The colored circles indicate impact points from Bronze-Age weapons.

A pre-Viking cart with bronze decorations.


A sadly out-of-focus photograph of the Celtic Gundestrup cauldron. It's 27 inches in diameter and 15.6 inches high, ca. 175-150 BC.

A better view of one of the Celtic Gundestrup cauldron panels.


Viking era warp-weighted loom.

Viking era mail byrnie, with spear heads at left and spurs below.


Note the large size of the spear heads relative to the swords.

Viking shield. Note the small size of the central hole (about 4")
compared to its width (approximately 36".)


Reproduction of female clothing, slightly pre-Viking, if I remember correctly

Reproduction of Viking-era female clothing


Bone combs

A nice collection of Viking age keys


The Ejstrup rune stone

Rune inscription translated


Swords and bowls

Tools from 1000-1200. Note the size of the wood-working axes.


Hack silver

Hack silver


Hack silver

Hack silver


Medieval horse armor

A close-up of the mail. Alternating rows of riveted and solid links.


A chest from the 1500's. Note the Viking age rounded top and
leg style survived for centuries

Stocks - for the whole family.


Spurs. Definitely medieval and not Viking, but cool nevertheless.


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