:: The Vikings of Bjornstad ::
Historisk Museum
Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo
Oslo, Norway - Summer, 2001
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The Oslo Historisk museum exhibits some of the most interesting Viking Age objects in the world.  The only helmet from the Viking period actually found in a Viking context is the Gjermundbu helmet; an unfortunately poor photo is included below.

Reproduction of pre-Viking Men's clothing.
Interesting tunic neckline.

Another angle



Shield - with a small boss.
Axe heads, bosses, spear heads, swords.


More swords

Swords, belt fittings and cloak pins.
Note the "killed" sword at bottom left.


The Gjermundbu Helmet

Brooches - in gold and bronze


Viking gold

More Viking gold


Rangles - to keep the beasties away from your cart

Various tools

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