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Viking Ship Museum
Roskilde, Denmark - Spring, 2008
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The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde is devoted to the study of Nordic shipbuilding and boatbuilding culture.  It holds five ships recovered from Roskilde harbor.  The museum builds reconstructions of Viking ships using tools and techniques authentic to the Viking age.  In 2004, it launched the Sea Stallion from Glendalough, a 60-oared, 96 foot long replica of the Skuldelev 2 warship.

The replicas:
Roar Ege (Skuldelev 3), Helge Ask (Skuldelev 5), Ottar (Skuldelev 1)

photo (C) The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, 2003

Skuldelev 2, in the foreground, was an ocean-going warship,
probably the type called a 'skeid', built near Dublin around 1042.  Beyond is Skuldelev 6, probably a 'ferja',
built around 1030 for fishing and trading.

A 1/10 scale model of Skuldelev 2. The reproduction, Havhingsten fra Glendalough (Sea Stallion From Glendalough), was in Dublin at the time.  Here's a link to a report of the ship's 2007 voyage.

Skuldelev 1 at far left, Skuldelev 6 and Skuldelev 2 in the foreground
Skuldelev 5 (the small longship) at top right, Skuldelev 3 at top left

Skuldelev 3, built in western Norway about 1030.
Probably a coastal trader known as a 'byrding'

Skuldelev 3 in the foreground and Skuldelev 1 beyond

Yeah, it's Jack, blocking part of Skuldelev 3

Skuldelev 1, believed to be an ocean-going trader, called a 'knarr'.
Built around 1030 at Sogne Fjord in Norway
with a cargo capacity of 20-24 tons.

Ottar is a reproduction of Skuldelev 1

Skuldelev 5, believed to be a small longship called a 'snekke'.
It was built in Denmark around 1030.

The Helge Ask, a reproduction of Skuldelev 5, is at left

This 7 minute 27 second video shows the museum at Roskilde and the area around it,
with a focus on Skuldelev 5 and its reproduction, the Helge Ask


Outside the museum, with Roskilde beyond

Helge Ask

Another view of Helge Ask

Norse weaponry - by law.  To read the text, click here.

A diorama of a Norse village

Another diorama view
Skuldelev 6, the fishing boat, is at upper right

The Anne Stine, a four-oared faering...

View of the bow.

View toward the stern.

Seats, cross beams, floor timbers and oars

The stern and keel

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