:: The Vikings of Bjornstad ::
Vikingskib Museet / Viking Ship Museum
Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo

Oslo, Norway - Summer, 2001
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The Viking Ship museum houses the Gokstad and Oseberg Viking ships, the best-preserved ships from the era in the world.  The Gokstad was built from trees felled about 890 AD and the Oseberg burial has been dated to about 834 AD, but the ship may have been built around the year 800.

The Oseberg Ship

Oseberg bow carving


Deck of the Oseberg.
Note there are no rowing benches.

Side of the Oseberg ship.
Note how little freeboard there is.
This is not an ocean-going vessel.


The Oseberg steering oar

Oar racks



The surprisingly modern-looking Oseberg anchor


The Gokstad Ship

Deck of the Gokstad.
Note the higher freeboard -
and no rowing benches.


Boats, the wooden "funeral" tent from the Gokstad's deck
and a tent frame, above.

A telephoto shot of the tent frame

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