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Cincinnati Museum
 "Vikings: Beyond the Legend"
Through April 2017
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These photos capture some of the largest collection of Viking artifacts ever to visit North America, as displayed in the Cincinnati Museum. The hundreds of thousand-year-old artifacts show the work of highly skilled craftspeople who used many different materials, including textiles, wood, metal, bone, leather, glass and ceramics. The exhibition includes interactive activities and displays of beautifully crafted weapons and religious iconography, including the earliest known Scandinavian crucifix. Reproductions of Vikings ships include the 25-foot Krampmacken and 21-foot Karl.  There's even a full-scale reconstruction of a Viking ship represented by suspending the thousands of the boat’s actual iron rivets in their original position in mid-air.  The longest Viking ship ever discovered, the 122-foot Roskilde 6, makes its North American debut as well.

These photos were taken by Einar Severinson and are presented here with his kind permission.  The captions, correct or not, are entirely mine. Improvements welcomed.

Usually identified as a valkyrie

Bronze raven?

Trefoil brooch

Trefoil brooch description

Small axe head, tongs and what may be a whale flensing tool, based on the position of the socket

Beads, cross, coins made into charms

Rune stone

Borre art style description and amulet example


Spear point

Silver disc, Ringerike style

Ringerike art style description

Sword pommel, grip and cross-guard

Trefoil brooch


Amber axe ornament

Necklace with red carnelian, rock crystal and glass beads

Red carnelian necklace description

Thor's hammer

Axe heads, spear point, fire striker, buckles and probably, drill bits

Beaded necklace

Bead description

Bronze chain necklace

Chain description


Sword pommel

Spear point

Bronze tortoise brooch

Ceramic jug

Jug description

Sword pommel, handle and cross guard

Iron axe charm

Axe head

Weaving sword with runes

Decorative bits

Thor's hammer, charm

Iron axes, rangles

Axe description

Windvane decoration

Bone needles

Adze head

Adze description

Sea shell ornaments

Coins: Aethelred, St. Peter York Pennies, Edward the Elder of Wessex

Sword pommel




Ring and woman amulet (valkyrie?)

Beautifully made gold pins with granulation


Silver charms

Probably a top ornament for a staff

Carriage rangles to scare away beasties

Axe head

Axe description

The Krampmacken, built in 1980 for six oars and a crew of about eleven



Spearhead socket

Silver bracelet

Bracelet description

Sword grip

Iron artifacts

Game pieces and board

Spearhead socket and game piece

Silver cross amulet

Axe head

Necklace with cast terminals


Bone weaving comb with decorative carving

Weaving comb description

Animal amulet

Animal amulet


Silver jewelry, gilded amulet

Cross amulet

Ring pin, penannular brooch

Inlaid decoration

Gilded amulet

Silver horse?? ornament

Decorated sword cross guard

"Killed" sword


Crucifix amulet

Crucifix amulet description

Pendant and comb

Staff?? ornament

Sword pommel and cross guard

Necklace and mail rings


Gold decoration with granulation

Stone resurrection egg

Stone resurrection egg description

Boat remnant

Boat remnant description

Iron bits

Decorative bit


Sword grip

Necklace with red carnelian, rock crystal and glass beads

Necklace description

Weapon charms

Well preserved sword

Sword pommel

Bone ice skates

Lime lashing strips description

Tortoise brooches, dragon head charm

Scissors, shears


Sword grip, arrowpoints


The faering named Karl

Faering interior

Necklace with fishtail-shaped pendants

Necklace description


Thor's hammer with fine gilded chain decorative elements

Iron socketed axe

Socketed axe description

Shield boss

Tortoise brooches with beads

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