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Field Museum
Chicago - 2015
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These photographs are from an exhibition named Vikings on display at the Field Museum in Chicago from February 27 through October 4, 2015. The Field Museum’s presentation of Vikings was the only US stop on an international tour. The exhibition was organized by the Swedish History Museum in Sweden, in partnership with MuseumsPartner in Austria. On display were nearly 500 ancient artifacts—many never before seen outside of Scandinavia. These photos were taken by, and are shown here through the courtesy of, Einar Severinson.  The larger originals can be seen in the Facebook Group, Vikings North America.  The captions - minimal as they are - are mine and any suggestions for improvements would be appreciated. (Jack Garrett)

A reproduction of a stone found in Ringerike, Norway.  It represents the art period now given the name of the area where it was found.

Viking Art Periods: Broa Style - c. 790 - 870 AD

Viking Art Periods: Jellinge Style - c. 900 - 970 AD

Viking Art Periods: Mammen Style - c. 960 - 1020 AD

Viking Art Periods: Ringerike Style - c. 1010 - 1070 AD

Viking Art Periods: Urnes Style - c. 1060 - 1120 AD

Wire weaving


Portable wealth in silver

The Årby boat

Belt fittings

Penannular brooch

Descriptive card for the artifacts


Fittings and lock on a reproduced chest

Freyr is always happy to see you

Knife and spoons with a reproduction bowl


Bone or ivory combs, fire striker

Oil lamp

Comb detail

Skull and penannular brooch

Goods tag with runes


Early cross

Card with artifact descriptions

Tortoise brooch

Silver collection with Thor's hammer

Pagan Thor's hammer

Thor's hammer with Christian influences


Strap end

Bead close-up

Game pieces, reproduced board

Female burial representation


Silver mount, probably for a signaling horn

Decorated pitcher

The Årby boat

Casting mold

Forge, with the face presumed to be Loki's

Decorated comb

Bone artifact, presumed to be a buckle

Glass or stone smoother and elk shoulder "ironing board"




Pendants made from Arabic dirhem coins


Bead necklace

Bead necklace

Bead necklace

Bead necklace

Arabic dirhems

Silver hoard

Varied hoard

What it takes to build a longship

A Swedish longhouse (not in Chicago)
Thanks, Einar
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