:: The Vikings of Bjornstad ::
NASA Ames Photo Shoot
Mountain View, California - December 2012
NASA Ames Web site
The Vikings of Bjornstad were featured in an exhibition highlighting NASA Ames' contribution to space exploration employing a new generation of small satellites. Ved Chirayath's Physics In Vogue science outreach exhibition was sponsored by a Stanford Angel Grant.

"NASA Ames Research Center leads the charge in small satellite innovation and development while evoking the Viking spirit of exploration and adventure. NASA Ames Center Director Dr. Simon P. Worden poses alongside the Vikings of Bjornstad ... to personify that spirit and highlight NASA leadership in the modern space age. The next generation of small satellites, known as CubeSats, float above and herald a new era in space exploration and science. These CubeSats can be launched into Low Earth Orbit at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems, allowing more frequent, and more accessible scientific missions." - Ved Chirayath, VedPhoto

Just to prove that no good deed goes unpunished, this unpaid effort linking the explorers of a thousand years ago with the explorers of the 21st century has been questioned by a US senator requesting that NASA investigate if taxpayer funds were used for this photo shoot. Just for the record, Bjornstad members donated their time and gear for the photos. Here are largely repetitive stories from Science Magazine, the Washington Post, the HoustonPress and BoingBoing.net.  We were interviewed by NPR.  Let's hope someone learns something worthwhile from this...
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NASA Ames and The Vikings of Bjornstad combine to explore the cosmos

Dr. Simon P. Worden, NASA Ames Center Director, flanked by Carolina Rudisel, Executive Secretary and Karen Bradford, Chief of Staff

Bjornstad is ready

Michael Bush coordinates the photo shoot

George Zhijian Qiao takes some of the photos shown here

Karen gets a touch-up

It's a great setting for Vikings

The group is in place - in Palo Alto Foothills Park in the Los Altos Hills

And then the magic happens

NASA Ames seems comfortable in Viking gear

CubeSats hover above the intrepid explorers

A peek behind the curtain:

Pay no attention to the pre-Viking Age satellite launch technology

Exploration - from Vikings to CubeSats

Annie keeps her drinking horn close at hand

The Vikings are amazed by the CubeSats

Ved Chirayath plays defense

Katie Zacarian joins Jack, Brian, Henrik and Ed in a Viking charge

Just how much silver is in those CubeSats?

Henrik has this pose DOWN

Brian poses for his portrait

Henrik takes a turn

Ready for Mt. Rushmore

There's gotta be a monastery around here somewhere

Where's my longship?

Nothing up my sleeves...

Tory makes posing look easy

Not what you'd want to wake up to

Katie quickly takes to being a Viking

But you can't take it too seriously

The race is on

Ed touches up his portrait a bit

Tory joins in the amazement

Annie isn't facing this technology thing unarmed

Kay is proud of Bjornstad's contribution

Brian, Karen, Jack and Pete looking stalwart

Brian charms the park staff

Ed thinks this is fun.  And it is.
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