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Blood of Roelent
The Norman Film

The Vikings of Bjornstad on film

The project is set in the 11th century, depicting a group of Norman mercenaries hiring themselves out in Sicily.  In March, 2014, Bjornstad was invited to provide actors, backstage staff and equipment in the production of a movie promo trailer.  The project included the participation of several departments of the University of California at Davis and was directed by Tim Edward Jerry Gaensler-Debs. This trailer is intended to introduce a series documenting the life of a Norman exile journeying from pre-Norman conquest England to Sicily, seeking fame, fortune - and possibly death. The promo trailer, filmed in Davis and Marysville, California, showcases medieval scenes including a festival and a pitched battle. (Photographic credits are included, where known.)

A story of Normans ...

and Barbarians

A gathering in the 11th century
(Dustin Mansfield)

And a lone Norman

Here's an early version of the teaser for Blood of Roelent

And a link to the finished teaser: https://vimeo.com/207494854
(Tim Edward Jerry Gaensler-Deb)


***** First there are training camps for the Normans and Barbarians *****

Ben shows how to incapacitate your opponent

There may be some skepticism

The shield goes there

Swordsmen with a few fancy moves

The always intimidating overhead attack

The Barbarian shield wall gets organized

Jack studies the opposition

Geared up and ready

The Normans are ready for battle

And so are the Barbarians
***** On the day of the shoot, getting ready *****

Ben addresses the warriors
(Jack Garrett)

Henrik is ready to ride
(Jack Garrett)

A little makeup 

And a little war gear
(Anna Oh)

One more thing...
(Anna Oh)

Who gets to ride?
(Anna Oh)

Kay adds the final touches to Jennifer's wardrobe
(Jack Garrett)

Behind the camera, we have...
(Anna Oh)

There will be a festival, after all...
(Jack Garrett)

Lots of cameras, lots of images
(Jack Garrett)

A slice of life at the Norman camp
(Anna Oh)

Let the filming begin
***** The Norman Camp - Life Among the Mercenaries *****

Just a little set dressing, Norman style
(Jack Garrett)

Jack points out the story's location - Sicily

Henrik uses his time to make equipment repairs

Bjornstad provides some trading gear
***** The Norman Mercenaries and The Barbarian Ambush *****

Tim is enjoying the day's directing
(Angela Willis)

Waiting for the next shot

Enjoying the glamor of film making

Well some are ...

Ben gets the group in motion
(Anna Oh)

The Normans take to the road

Setting up the ambush
(Joan Sargeant)

They're hiding in the grass!
(Joan Sargeant)

This may not go well

Jennifer gets steeled for the fight

We'll attack from here

And the trap is sprung

Combat begins with a flight of spears

The battle lines are drawn

Patti becomes a casualty

The Moor and his hired Normans fight bravely
(Anna Oh)

The fighting is intense

The Barbarians outnumber the Normans ...

The Normans press their attack

Being a Barbarian has its downside

The camera captures a close-up of blood spattering

The battle goes badly for the Normans

It's time for some one-on-one combat

Cinematic blood stings the eyes

One Norman survives

A new chapter begins...
(Anna Oh)
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