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The Photo Gallery

These photos show The Vikings of Bjornstad at the wide range of events we attend each year.

Tartan Day at the Ardenwood Historic Farm, Fremont, 2017

Henrik defends the banner at the Tournament of the Phoenix in Poway, 2010.
Bjornstad visits the Freya Lodge of the Sons of Norway in Santa Rosa, 2012. Digital image manipulation ensues.

Bjornstad parades on Tartan Day at Ardenwood.
(Photo: Dori Klink)

The parade rounds the Ardenwood stage.
(Photo: Dori Klink)
Bjornstad joins the clans at Ardenwood, 2010.
(Photo: Dori Klink)

Allison at Sonora.
(Photo: Dori Klink)

Rick describes the Viking Art of War in Poway.

Dena and Mike at the Tournament of the Phoenix.

Eric, Fred, Dena, Mike, Rick, Bruce, Henrik and Steve at the Tournament.
Jack joins the crew of the Munin, a 40 foot 7-sess longship.
(Photo: Darragh McFeely)

The Munin sails the waters of Vancouver, BC.  The web site is here.
(Photo: Darragh McFeely)
Allison tries on a coif.
(Photo: Hughes Photography)

Jack and Ed perform the Holmgang in Sonora.
(Photo: Hughes Photography)

Ed discusses archery - in Sonora.
(Photo: Hughes Photography)

The photo you didn't want to see ...
(Photo: Hughes Photography)
Rick demonstrates how to attack from the rear rank with an axe.
(Photo: Hughes Photography)

Melinda, Teresa and Allison hold down the fort in Sonora.
(Photo: Dori Klink)

Melinda and Ed.
(Photo: Dori Klink)

Ready to meet the public in Sonora.
(Photo: Dori Klink)

Yule Feast 2009. Bjornstad was joined by members of the Roman re-enactment group Legio X Fretensis. 
(Photo by Dori Klink)

Fred, Rick and friend guard the gate at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds.(Photo: Dori Klink)

Steve valiantly takes on the deadly dragon.
(Photo: Fred Klink)

Fred, Rick and Ed join the battle.
(Photo: Steve Mata)

Marching through the Dunsmuir House games in 2009. 
(Photo: Robin Mills, http://clanmills.com/2009/OaklandGames/Vikings.shtml)

Bjornstad makes an appearance at the Dunsmuir House
Games in Oakland, 2007.
(Photo: Hughes Photography)

And now ... "The Viking Art of War", a 15 minute presentation
of Viking weapons and tactics.
(Photo: Hughes Photography)

Tory watches as Jack and Douglas discuss axe work.
Dan enlightens a visitor at Ardenwood, 2004.

Michelle sets up her loom for tablet weaving.

Douglas receives his award for spear throwing from Jayde.

Dan and Tory settle a dispute at Angels Camp, 2003.

Kay and Jayde grin and bear it.

Ian and Jack invade the snows of Northern California.

Dan and Jack visit L'Anse aux Meadows - digitally. 
(PhotoShop work by Kay Tracy)

Even Park Rangers can't resist the challenge of a Viking Tug-of-war.

We all have to start somewhere...

Chloe and Jack defend the walnut orchard encampment.

Jack and Douglas up early at Fort MacArthur.

Tents at Fort MacArthur, 2002.

Douglas discusses the Fort MacArthur situation, 2003.

Douglas demonstrates Anglo-Saxon diplomacy.

Bjornstad attends the 2006 San Francisco film premiere
of Beowulf & Grendel - in gear, of course.

Some of the goodies at Yule Feast. Vikings eat well.
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