:: The Vikings of Bjornstad ::
Combat and Living History Training

In March, 2011, Ryan Barnard of Vikings North America traveled from Washington state to instruct Bjornstad in combat and living history.  Photos from the weekend follow.

Ryan takes Brian and Ed through their paces with the short spear.

Douglas and Henrik get fast and furious.

Ryan and Bjornstad form a shield wall.

The defense for arrows from above.

Two shield walls confront each other.

The formations close.

Ryan works around the flank while Henrik defends.

Shannon and Matt are new to Bjornstad - and having fun.

Ryan sets up a berserker attack.

This is a berserker - we think...

Ryan shows how to dispatch an opponent - safely.

Shannon, Henrik and Ed practice being sneaky.

Shannon practices the stealthy attack on Jack from behind.

It's a jungle out there.

Now the victims are the attackers.

Ed and Jack demonstrate how not to get along.

Next time Ed gets to be on top.

Shannon prepares to dispatch Douglas.

Annie and Brian fight with saxes.

Matt meets the unperturbable Henrik.

Ryan attempts to get around Shannon's defense with a two-weapon attack.

Brian and Ed face off.

Ryan indicates the best target area for Brian's spear.

Matt enjoys the battle with Ryan.

Ed goes for the kill.

Henrik and Annie work with the short spear.  Jeremy practices an overhand thrust.
In 2007, Martin and Clare Williams of Regia Anglorum traveled from the UK to provide combat and living history training.
Photos from that session follow.

Martin Williams looks a little too gleeful waiting for the
next victim ... er... combatant. (Photo: Sharon Pyles)

Clare Williams handles the Living History training.

Chris, Ben, Jack and Martin get ready - mentally.

Let the games begin! How to handle a spear without real casualties.

Chris and Ben with spears vs. Jack with sword and shield.
(Photo: Douglas Sunlin)

Chris and Ben close in. (Photo: Douglas Sunlin)

Jack parries Ben's spear thrust. (Photo: Douglas Sunlin)

Ben avoids Jack's sword. (Photo: Douglas Sunlin)

Chris flanks Jack. (Photo: Douglas Sunlin)

Jack takes one for the team. (Photo: Douglas Sunlin)

The training grounds ...

Clare demonstrates putting on a wimple, with Martin assisting.

Morning at the encampment.

Hot in the sunshine, comfortable in the shade.

Tall tales around the fire.

Kay prepared some fine meals.

Night falls on the camp. (Superb photo by Douglas Sunlin!)
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